Technical Support and Computer Service

Technical Support and Computer Service:

  • Installation

  • Connect Computer to local Network, Active Directory, LDAP
  • Installation – Upgrade local Network
  • Installation Server for local Network
  • Installation Router for shared connection and Internet access – mail
  • Security – Surveillance Systems
  • WiFi portals, Wireless portals for service management and access to cafes and restaurants
  • Domain name Registration: that includes corporate email at the format:
  • VPS Hosting Support, contact us for questions about the computer units VPS-KVM (Datapaket Hosting) and software available as a service, preconfigured and full managed over the internet
  • Telex & Fax Services, integrating email communication systems with Telex & Fax and web access services at an affordable price

The installation includes: cables, trunking system, outlets, cabinets, stand, rack, shelves, patch panels, switches.

  • Maintenance

  • Warranty/Support (Per PC – or Server) per month, billable hourly or on a per-project basis.

1-3 years warranty to change or replace the defective part within a time period of 2-1 working days. On-Site Support.

  • Upgrade

  • Repair